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How to arrange the plants in the room?

How to arrange the plants in the room?

After buying a plant, the question arises - where to put it? Is it better to place it on the windowsill so that it receives more light, put it on a stand or on the floor, place it on the wall or hang it from the ceiling?

In the article, we will show you where is the best place to put your indoor flower.


The floor is just right for large flowers (neither hang them nor put them on the table). Plants resembling trees (monstera, pakhira, Benjamin's ficus) or palms (yucca, areca) will look beautiful. Designers love to use tall, single plants. If you place a pair of identical plants opposite each other, then the room will appear symmetrical.

Choose plants carefully because each one has a different effect. A tall and narrow plant will create a high ceiling effect. A low, sprawling plant will create the opposite effect. Large, heavy flowers can ruin your floor, so it is better to place a plate or plate under the flower pot.


Ornamental plants and vines are usually attached to the wall. Due to the fact that very small pots are used for wall plants, the plants need frequent watering.

For placing flowers on the walls, strong, non-colorful pots with a deep and large base are preferable.


If the plant has long arcuate stems, then it is best to place it on a stand or in a hanging basket, because it will not look attractive on a bedside table or windowsill.

In the event that you have old furniture in your house, you can buy a stand made to look like antiques. If your home has new furniture, you can easily make a stand with straight walls out of wood or metal and put several pots on it.


The best place for climbing plants is the ceiling. The stems can easily hang down, and their view will attract the eye. If this plant is anywhere in a flower bed, no one will even look at it. But if it hangs in the basket, then we will definitely stop our eyes on it. Such a plant will instantly transform a window or wall. Plants should not be hung where people constantly walk, and the plant may interfere. After hanging, check again if everything is firmly in place. Pay particular attention to the hook that is cut into the ceiling.

The plant must always be in good condition. But caring for such a plant is not an easy task (watering it is much more difficult than plants standing on the floor and on a stand). You also need to climb and check the soil every time.

Window sill

People who treat flowers like dogs or cats like to place their flowers on the windowsill. Of course, you can put the plants on the windowsill, but after all, the pots with flowers standing in a line cannot be called special beauty. For this, a low, bushy single plant in the center of the window sill is more suitable, or a narrower and higher one if it is not symmetrical.

It is better to choose a plant in which the beauty of the leaves can be emphasized with light (hypoesthesia, irezina). You need to choose a plant that is suitable in size and color. A small flower against the background of a huge window will not look very nice.

Shade the windows on the south side. Sun in summer, heating in winter, so look into flower pots more often to prevent the soil from drying out. You can also place a hanging planter above the plant on the windowsill.

But the choice is naturally yours.

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