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Floriana do it yourself

Floriana do it yourself

It is quite possible to create your own miniature world of wildlife, thanks to the original idea, the name of which is florarium.

You won't need much effort from you, all you need is inspiration, imagination and, of course, our useful tips on how to create a florarium with your own hands.

Florarium is a home greenhouse made of exotic plants of a small size, housed in a small glass container. Plants are located in a closed space, except for a narrowed hole on the side or at the top, due to which a favorable microclimate is maintained for their growth and life.

Unlike bulky winter gardens, it will best fit into the interior of a city apartment and add tropical charm to the room.

It can be a rocky landscape, a piece of a sultry desert or a rainforest, it all depends on your taste. For decoration, use stones, children's toys, a variety of figurines that are suitable for giving more expressiveness and completeness to this composition.

What is needed to create a florarium

Most of what comes in handy you already have at home, you just need to look carefully, and the rest can be found without any problems in the flower shop.

Glass container. The choice is huge. You can use: jars, glasses, bottles, vases, transparent teapots, laboratory flasks, bowls. If you can't find anything suitable, buy a ready-made aquarium.

Drainage. There should be a lot of it, since in a closed container, there will be nowhere for moisture to evaporate, only enhanced drainage will save the roots from acidification. Expanded clay, pebbles or sandstone are suitable for this.

Activated carbon. It maintains freshness in tropical florariums by absorbing odors.

Substrate. It is selected depending on the type of plants, succulents need a light sand mixture, orchids - a soil based on tree bark, the rest of the plants - ordinary flower soil.

Plants. The main thing is that they should not be large and slow-growing.

Decor elements. You can use anything that you think will adequately decorate the overall composition: colored glass, pebbles, ceramic figures, toy models of cars, ships, houses.

Tools. It is most convenient to plant such miniature plants with tweezers, Chinese sticks or ordinary knitting needles. To create a garden in a bottle with a narrow neck will turn out to be a surgical clamp. You also need a spray bottle, a small watering can with a long spout, or a medical syringe to water the plants.

When creating a florarium, take into account the climatic zone and the natural habitat of plants. For example, it would be inappropriate to place ferns in the same container - representatives of humid forests and succulents - lovers of the arid desert climate.

We propose to consider four main types of florariums, for each of them individual watering, ventilation and maintenance of a certain temperature regime are needed.

Types of florariums

A tropical forest

The glass container creates a semblance of a multi-tiered forest in the Amazon or Southeast Asia.

To do this, it is not necessary to buy rare tropical specimens, you can achieve the desired result using the following plants: asparagus, begonia, miniature ferns, croton, phytonia, chamedorea, common ivy.

The main thing is that the foreground of the composition does not obstruct the subsequent tiers. Take the soil with an admixture of sand, with the addition of leafy earth and peat.

A mini-forest needs a high humidity of about 80-85%, so we suggest installing a small bowl of water in the aquarium and beautifully decorating it with a pattern of pebbles.

Needs frequent spraying and regular watering. Maintain the air temperature at 24-26 ° C.

Hot desert

Despite the fact that tropical plants are used to florariums, succulents also thrive in transparent containers.

Agave, adromiscus, different types of cacti, beard, Kalanchoe skillfully placed in a wide glass container will create the illusion of a sultry desert climate.

The soil is formed from coarse and fine sieved sand in equal proportions. Decorate the composition with ceramic debris.

Care in this case will not be as thorough as in the previous case. Water as the soil dries up. The air temperature is preferably 20-24 ° C.

Needs sunlight, so place the flowerpot near the window.

The mountains

To create such a florarium, plants are suitable the same as for the two previous species.

It depends on what you want to portray, if a dry mountainous area, then use semi-desert plants, and for a mountain landscape with dense thickets, inhabitants of humid forests are suitable.

Ferns, selaginella, ivy, cacti are best emphasized by the realism of mountain nature. Saintpaulias will help to beautifully decorate the rocky area. Depending on the selected plants, the care will be appropriate.


The mossy ones are usually an additional element in florariums, but moss may well become the main representative of the composition. You will need some moss to decorate your houseplants, which is sold at a flower shop.

It is also advisable to purchase a special substrate for moss, place it on top of ordinary soil. Be sure to create favorable conditions for the moss: spray often, install dishes with water in the florarium.

You can also place a single plant behind glass, for example, an orchid or a charming violet will look amazing. These plants bloom beautifully and look dignified alone.
Creation of florarium

The process will take no more than 20-30 minutes.

Wash the selected container well and pour over boiling water, dry it.

Fill up the drainage, its height should be 3-5cm. Next, lay the crushed activated charcoal or charcoal, this will protect the plants from mold and fungal diseases.

The next step is to fill in moist soil up to 8 cm high. After leveling the soil well, make small indentations for the plants.

Then carefully place the plant in the prepared hole and lightly sprinkle with soil.

Make sure that the leaves do not touch the walls of the vessel, otherwise they can rot due to the accumulation of condensation. Plants do not need feeding, growth stimulation is not needed - it will become cramped in the aquarium.

When finishing planting, spray the mini garden with a spray bottle. It remains to decorate the composition with decorated elements and your compact original florarium is ready.
Floriana care

Care consists in spraying regularly, pruning shoots every six months, keeping the walls of the aquarium clean. Use rainwater or filtered water for spraying and watering. Remove diseased and resettle overgrown plants in a timely manner.

A mini-garden behind glass looks fabulous and unusual; it is a great option for those who dream of their own winter garden, but cannot create one. If you want to decorate your home in a special way - a garden in a transparent jug is what you need.

Unlike standard flowerpots with indoor plants on the windowsills, charming plants in a glass aquarium are very compact, they look stylish and extraordinary.

Taking care of your green island behind the glass, you will admire the natural splendor for a long time without leaving your apartment.

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