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How to make a composition from succulents

How to make a composition from succulents

You can refresh and decorate the space of your home with the help of flower arrangements.

Succulents are most suitable for creating mini-landscapes, they are quite resilient, have an original appearance.

Due to their properties of withstanding prolonged drought and economical use of water, they are most often used for landscaping the interior.

Even small compositions of succulents can transform the appearance of a workspace or add coziness to a home room. They do not need a lot of space and special care.

Using simple tips, you can independently revive the interior of your room.

Flower arrangement container

A glazed bowl, a wide darkened lamp shade, a faience or ceramic salad bowl will be a suitable dish for a flower arrangement. A violet pot is perfect for small compositions.

The best options are a glass vase, a small aquarium, or a plastic or ceramic bowl. You can purchase ready-made containers specifically designed for this purpose.

As a rule, these plastic products with embossed walls can be found in expensive author's works, which, due to their sophistication, become part of the composition.

The container should be large enough so that the plant does not experience discomfort and can grow freely.

It is good that there are drainage holes in the bowl, if there are none, you need to fill the container with drainage 1/3.

It is better to prefer the neutral color of the container - gray, white or brown. So that the flowerpot does not distract attention from the composition, it should not have bright patterns. Bowls of oval, square or rectangular shape look original.

Selection of plants

It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of plants for a flower arrangement, for example, it is not advisable to place plants from different continents in the neighborhood that require different conditions of keeping.

Compositions of lithops, sedums, varieties of a jerky (crassula) look very advantageous.

So that you do not have to often prune and replant plants, give preference to slow-growing succulents.

Be sure to place a dominant element in the background of your composition, it could be a tree plant such as a euphorbia or a columnar cactus. Its height is about 2/3 of the height of your composition.

A little lower are wide, bushy plants; for this, gasteria, medium-sized crassulas, piarantuses are suitable.

The next tier is ground cover plants: sedums, creeping crassulas.

Number of plants for one composition

Try not to overdo it with the number of plants. A medium-sized pot can hold up to seven plants.

Flowers of different shapes and colors will look good together.

It is quite possible to create a beautiful composition with just one plant if it is successfully placed among the stones.

Contrasting compositions that resemble a natural landscape, garden, desert or forest look original.

The composition can be supplemented with small animal figures that will look like near large trees near flowers. Placing figures of heroes near the plants, create a semblance of a fairy garden.

You can dream up and build a miniature elegant Christmas tree that will delight not only on New Year's holidays, but decorate your room all year round.


Succulents are planted in two ways: each flower is placed in a separate pot or directly in the ground.

In the first case, we place the pots with planted flowers in a bowl for the composition, fill the space between the pots with earth.

When planting in the ground, the plants are placed in pre-prepared pits, lightly tamped and sprinkled with earth on top.

Decorative powder

Completing your composition will add decorative powder. For this, gravel, multi-colored pebbles are suitable. You need to place them at your discretion, in the middle and along the edges.

Composition care

Caring for a flower arrangement of succulents comes down to timely watering, pruning and removing stones if necessary. Provided that the selection of succulents was carried out correctly, the composition will last about two years without transplanting.

The composition should be placed in a bright, cool enough room. It is most successful to create a composition in the fall, when succulent plants slow down their growth, and plant them in separate pots in the spring.

Armed with imagination and the necessary material, you can create your own world with amazing flora and original landscape.

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