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Cache-pot Phinezia square 30*30, with a tab, plastic

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Cache-pot Phinezia square 30 * 30, with a tab, plastic

Width: 30 cm; Length: 30 cm; Height: 57 cm.

Production: Lamela.

Fashionable flowerpot with a flowerpot-inlay, made of high quality plastic.

In the process of use, it retains its appearance for a long time, it is resistant to temperature effects.

Thanks to the convenient design of the pots Lamela allows you to fill only the pot-tab with the substrate, being at the same time a container for flowing water.

Plastic flowerpots for indoor plants have many positive qualities: they are lighter than glass or ceramic ones, they break less, and have a stylish look. They are easier to clean.

If you want to buy a Phinezia pot (square) with a plastic insert: - call us at (063) 127-1010, (067) 216-2012.

Buy a phinezia flowerpot through our online store. Delivery across Kiev and Ukraine.

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