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Spirea Japanese Macrofilla

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Japanese spirea Macrophylla

Spiraea japonica Macrophylla

Spiraea Japanese Large-leaved (Spiraea japonica Macrophylla) is a deciduous, decorative leafy shrub, considered one of the best decorative leafy spirea. It is the most powerful and fastest growing variety. The bush grows up to 1.3 meters in height and up to 1.5 meters in width. It blooms with small pink flowers from late July to mid-August. The name Macrophylla (large-leaved) was given to this variety of spirits due to its large leaves, which acquire a golden yellow color in autumn. Japanese meadowsweet (spirea) Large-leaved is not demanding in care, prefers sunny places or light partial shade, winter-hardy.

Maximum height of an adult spirea: 1.2-1.3 m. Maximum crown width: 1.5-1.6 m.

Crown shape: dense, dome-shaped. Leaves: ovoid, pointed at the top, large, wrinkled. Young foliage is dark red, then green, in autumn - yellow-golden.

Flowers: form corymbose inflorescences of pink color. Flowering time: June to July. Growth rate: average, 20-25 cm. Location: grows well on relatively fertile, drained soils. Photophilous, but can grow in partial shade.

Applicable: for single and group planting on lawns. Recommended for shrub mixborders, for creating flower beds and borders, single and group plantings. Features: beautifully colored deciduous shrub, hardy.

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More information: Spirea - Care from spring to autumn.

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