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Kalina gordovina (Viburnum lantana)

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Kalina gordovina

Viburnum lantana

A distinctive feature of Kalina gordovin is its black fruits (edible), which gradually appear when fully ripe. Another name for this shrub is Viburnum felt, given to it because of the pubescence of shoots and leaves.

Maximum height of an adult viburnum: 4-5 m. Maximum crown width: 2-3 m.

Crown shape: dense, round. Can be shaped like a bush or tree. Leaves: large, 15-18 cm, ovoid, green, covered with soft fluff. Turn pink in autumn. Flowers: rather large creamy white inflorescences, gathered in scutes. Viburnum gordovina blooms in early June, duration - three to four weeks. Growth rate: fast-growing, annual growth - 25-30 cm.

Location: undemanding to soils, prefers moist, nutritious soils. It develops better in the sun, in the shade the flowering is not abundant, the inflorescences become smaller. It is frost-resistant, but for the winter it is recommended to cover the trunk circle with soil and mulch.

Applies: As a single bush against the background of the lawn. Also looks good as a hedge.

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