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Cherry Toy (hybrid of cherry and sweet cherry)

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Synonyms: Duke Toy

high-yielding medium-ripening variety. A hybrid of cherry and sweet cherry.

Cherry variety "Toy" was bred by the Institute of Irrigated Horticulture UAAN by crossing the "Lyubskaya" cherry and the "Solnechny ball" cherry. Productivity: high, reaches 45-50 kg from a 10-year-old tree.

Tree shape. An adult cherry has a spherical crown, a tall variety that grows about 6-7 meters in height. The crown is dense, sprawling, spherical.

Fruit. Begins to bear fruit 3-4 years after planting. Large fruits, weighing 7-9 g, with a dense thin skin, dark red. The bone is easily detached. The pulp is tender, juicy. Ripening period: early July. Taste: sweet and sour.

The variety is self-fertile and needs pollinators. The best pollinators: cherries Minx, Samsonovka, cherries Valery Chkalov, Large-fruited.

Location and landing. Cherry variety Toy is best planted in loose sandy loam or loamy soils. In order for the tree to grow well and bear fruit, you should choose a bright, not ventilated place for planting. During planting, the root collar should be above the soil level. A circle is made around the trunk for watering. After planting - active watering for 3-5 days. Then it is recommended to mulch the periosteal circle. Drought-resistant variety. An area with a windy and damp climate and swampy soil are unacceptable. Winter hardiness: medium. Withstands temperatures down to -25 ° C. Disease resistance: medium.

Features of the Toy variety: it has a high yield and fruit quality. The variety is self-fertile

. If you want to buy a cherry Toy in Kiev: - call us by phone/viber. You can also buy cherry saplings Toy variety through the Internet store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

Care information: Cherry growing and care.

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