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Citrus lemon

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Citrus lemon

Height: 25-35 cm, d of the pot - 12 cm.

Citrus limon is an evergreen plant. It blooms several times during the year. Indoor species have thinner skin, fewer seeds, and a stronger aroma than outdoor plants. The homeland of lemon is India, China and the Pacific tropical islands. In culture, it grows in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Lemon loves bright, diffused sunlight. In summer, when the light is too strong, the plant must be shaded to avoid leaf burns.

Citrus needs frequent spraying in summer and also in winter when the central heating is on. A warm shower will not prevent him. Dry air provokes the appearance of ticks and especially scale insects. To increase the moisture, the pot with the plant can be placed on a pallet with wet gravel or expanded clay.

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More information: Indoor lemon care.

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