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Creation of a unique alpine slide on your site

Creation of a unique alpine slide on your site

Fashion is everywhere, and landscaping is no exception.

Today, the creation of alpine slides or rockeries captivates many people who want to bring something unusual to their garden interior and make their site special.

It must be said right away that some people do not see any difference between an alpine slide and a rockery. In fact, there is still a difference. At the base of the rockery there is a flat platform made of stone or gravel. And an alpine slide is an elevation, an embankment. This structure was dubbed Alpine for the fact that plants are planted on it, which, as a rule, can be found in mountainous areas.

Choosing a place for an alpine slide

Like any work, the creation of a rock garden begins with planning. To choose a place for an alpine slide, you need to decide on its dimensions. If there are hills on the territory, then it is better to choose the highest place. There are no specific advice on the height of the structure. Here it is necessary to be guided by the features of the landscape design of a particular site.

An alpine slide should not be conspicuous and disturb harmony. It should also be remembered that you will need to water the plants. Answer the question - is it possible to supply water for irrigation to the selected place. A fountain or waterfall will only emphasize the overall composition.

Do not forget that it would be nice to have a flower garden not far from the rock garden. Such a solution will add elegance to the slide, as well as bring an additional effect to the landscape design of the site. In the event that there is no flower garden, it is necessary, when preparing a place for a rock garden, to leave a small area around for a flower garden. Stony soils in their natural environment do not retain water and dry out quickly. Plants growing on such soils are not used to high humidity.

Construction process

First of all, on the site that has been selected, it is necessary to lay the future "bedding". To begin with, put gravel, broken brick or small crushed stone. This layer will serve as the "foundation" of the entire structure, so it must be compacted. The second layer is coarse-grained river sand. It should also be well sealed. The third layer is soil. The land can be taken from the site, but nutrient mixtures, for example, peat, should be added to it.

After that, you can proceed to the external design. In the mountainous area, cobblestones of various shapes and sizes are located completely randomly. Therefore, to give the appropriate look, you need to take into account some recommendations:

• First, you must remember that everything should be harmonious, but you should not strive for symmetry. This will deprive the slide of naturalness.
• Second, larger boulders should be placed at the base, while smaller rocks will look better higher.
• Thirdly, do not stack stones tightly to each other. Plants are to be planted between them.
• Fourthly, in order to avoid the destruction of the rock garden, it is necessary to apply the soil well in the place where you are laying stones.

Planting plants

After the rock garden is ready, the plants are planted. Landscaping experts advise planting undersized plants that will not shade the space behind the slide.

Planting perennial plants is a good option. Creeping plants are perfect. With their vibrant color, they will create a beautiful background.

When choosing plants, it is necessary to take into account that they will be located on separate "tiers". Their adaptability to specific conditions should be considered. The top of the rock garden is a dry, sunny place. In the middle of the slide, the lighting will not be so intense, in turn, the humidity will increase.

But on the lower "tier" should be planted those plant species that are adapted to life in conditions of abundant humidity and low light. In other words, an alpine slide is a whole complex of carefully selected plants.

But the temptation to decorate the slide with artificial decorative elements should be abandoned. Since this can disturb the natural balance, and the natural appearance.

Rock garden care

The rock garden needs proper care, which consists in weeding, watering and removing dried plants. Fertilization of the slides should be done with phosphate-potassium fertilizers in preparation for winter. In order to protect the plants from frost, the rock garden can be covered with spruce branches. When snow falls, you need to make sure that there is always a "snow blanket" on the hill. This will help the vegetation survive the cold.

Among the various design solutions, it is impossible to meet two identical. After all, there are so many options for arranging slides with stones of various textures, vegetation. That is why a slide created with your own hands will become a unique decoration of the garden plot and will give you the joy of communicating with wildlife for a long time.

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