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The main rules for arranging rockeries

The main rules for arranging rockeries

It is quite possible to refine and decorate your summer cottage or land near the house on your own, without using the services of landscape designers.

To give a boring, flat area a three-dimensional effect, so to speak, create a landscape composition - rockery.

This flower garden, which should not be confused with an alpine slide, can be done with no hassle or effort. Further care for rockeries will not cause much worries.

To create your own stone flower garden, you need to know some basics of work - this is the correct installation of stones, selection and planting of plants. For a harmonious landscape of your handmade plant composition, it would be nice to associate it with an existing lawn, path or pond.

The most important thing at the beginning of work is the correct arrangement of the base. This is a very important point, because, for example, if your rockery is located in an area where water accumulates, then you cannot do without drainage. If the stone composition is located on a hill, and moisture does not linger, then a drainage layer is not needed.

So, your flower garden will require any available building material - it can be gravel, sand, expanded clay, broken brick, or something more affordable.

If there are uninvited guests - moles on your site, then the base should be covered with a mesh with a fine mesh. Not only stone compositions, but also plants suffer from such earthworkers, and it is impossible to fix some of the destruction.

Today there are several types of rockeries.

1. The first type of flower garden is Japanese, in which stones are preferred. As is customary among the Japanese, such a composition makes you think about eternity and creates the effect of pacification. Plants are designed to emphasize the sophistication of stone elements, they seem to compete with each other.

2. Rockery in European style will show the landscape of the middle lane, here the same attention is paid to wildlife and stone elements. To create such a flower garden, plants are selected that are characteristic of this habitat.

3. The English composition carries the essence of the longevity that conifers create. Such a garden is designed for a large amount of greenery, for planting decorative seedlings.

The main element of rockery is, of course, stones, since this is not just a flower garden, but a composition that combines plants and natural stone. Boulders are the main and paramount accent in the structure, and flowers are just decoration. The main principle when choosing a stone is durability, decorativeness and naturalness.

If you want to create a natural natural landscape, then smooth, polished stones will look harmoniously along the banks of the stream.

Decorative composition is a broad concept. In addition to color, texture and shape, it is necessary to remember about the aesthetic appearance of rockeries. These two concepts of naturalness and decorativeness are related to each other, because there are no identical stones in nature, laid out in a certain composition.

When considering the durability of your structure, it is important to know the peculiarity of the boulders. So, for example, under the influence of the environment, sandstone changes color, if the stone is porous, it will absorb moisture and get dirty. All this must be taken into account.

Medium gravel is needed to form the decorative stone base layer. In addition, this pillow will add naturalness to the created structure. Then fine gravel is laid, you can simply fill the background with it, or you can create a pattern if you take colored pebbles. If you have, for example, sea stones, then they should be laid out one by one, creating a smooth surface.

A properly equipped rockery is a completely filled area between stones and planted plants. The main boulders of the landscape plot should be two or three large stones, it is desirable that they have different colors. You should not use a gray palette for a flower garden; among lush greenery, it will lose its aesthetic effect.

In order not to add work to yourself, it is not recommended to plant rapidly growing plants in rockeries, which during the season can cover a part of your flower garden with a carpet. In a couple of years, the design of the composition may change a lot and it is not a fact that it will be for the better.

Also, you should not plant bulbous quickly fading plants (such as crocuses, woodlands, muscari). They will delight you with their beauty for a short time, and it will be possible to get rid of withered foliage only after drying. Plants that bloom all summer long will look very good in the center of the composition.

Coniferous plants will take root perfectly and will look harmonious, it can be juniper, cypress, Christmas trees. Herbaceous perennials will adorn rockeries with their charm: primrose, geranium, gravilat. Low-growing shrubs will look good.

If you follow the basic rules for creating a stone garden, use your imagination and creativity, you can get a landscape masterpiece that will delight you every season.

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