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Deutzia hybrid Mont Rose

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Deutzia hybrida Mont Rose

Deutzia hybrida Mont Rose

Deutzia hybrida - an elegant deciduous shrub that does not cause allergies. Maximum height of an adult action: 1.5-2 m. Maximum crown width: 1.2-1.5 m.

Crown shape: spreading, wide, erect with arched lateral branches. In adulthood, it becomes more compact. Leaves: ellipsoid with a pointed end, 8-10 cm long, green. Green in spring and summer, leaves turn yellow-golden in autumn.

Flowers: double, five-petal, with large yellow anthers. Bright pink flowers are collected in racemose inflorescences. The flowering period is June-July. Growth rate: fast growing, 20-30 cm per year.

Location: Deutzia Hybrid Mont Rose prefers nutritious, garden soil with moderate humidity. Dislikes stagnant water and drought. Best planted in sunny, slightly shaded areas at midday. The distance between seedlings is 1-2 meters. She needs shelter for the winter. It is used: In mixed plantings, as a hedge.

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Care information: Deutzia. Growing and caring.

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