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Tillandsia in a vase

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Tillandsia in a vase

Diameter of a glass vase: 9 cm

Tillandsia (Latin Tillandsia) is a herbaceous perennial plant of the Bromeliad family. In total, there are about 400-500 species of bromeliads; ranges are common in North and South America, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Tillandsia got its name in honor of the botanist Elias Tillands. Tillandsia violet-flowered also has other names: Airy plant, Elder's beard, Spanish moss.

Air tillandsia in nature lives on trees, using them as a support, has aerial roots, the leaves are covered with gray scales. This type of tillandsia is an epiphyte and needs high air humidity, because it receives the necessary substances and moisture from the air.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep it in the florarium or to provide increased humidity due to moss or expanded clay, watered with water. The comfortable existence of air tillandsia will provide diffused light, summer temperature 22-28 ° С, in winter from 20 ° С, not lower! Watering and feeding is carried out by full immersion or abundant spraying. Feed only bromeliad fertilizer, do not use other fertilizers, especially fertilizers with a high nitrogen content.

Additionally: Tillandsia - cultivation and care.

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