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Ornamental shrubs and conifers on your site

Ornamental shrubs and conifers on your site

It is almost impossible to decorate the garden, make it beautiful and festive without ornamental shrubs.

Flowering bushes look very attractive, their presence favorably emphasizes the external decoration of the garden area.

In our flower shop you can find a wide variety of ornamental shrubs that amaze with their unusual beauty, color of leaves, graceful forms, colorful shades and enchanting aroma.

When deciding to purchase a new shrub for landscaping the site, consider the basic aspects of choosing such plants.

The main aspects of choosing shrubs for the site

Stick to the compositional structure of your garden first.

For example, if the area of ​​the site is small, then you should not plant large varieties with a rolling crown. It is better to pay attention to an unpretentious tamarix or other compact plant.

Give preference to seedlings in containers - they are easier to transport and plant.

It is important that the plant is adapted to the local climatic conditions.

In our assortment there are varieties that feel better and develop faster in semi-shaded places and those that reveal their beauty in areas saturated with light.

Для квітучого саду

Forsythia is suitable for spring flowering, its dazzling bright yellow flowers add warmth in the first days of spring. At the end of spring, the spirea blooms, its delicate, white flowers attract the first bees that awaken after winter sleep.

There is a later variety: large-leaved spirea, it blooms in mid-summer and pleases with graceful pink flowers until the end of August. Hydrangea will fill the air with an amazing aroma and will decorate the interior of your garden with a gorgeous appearance all summer long.

The most common flowering shrub among gardeners is jasmine, its densely located snow-white flowers attract eyes, captivate with their irresistibility. The plant is suitable for creating hedges or flowering avenues.

A great way to spruce up your garden from May to September is to plant a tree.

After the flowering period ends, the plant does not lose its attractiveness. After all, the originally painted leaves, with a bronze-crimson hue, are a worthy change to summer flowers. Even in winter, the turf does not lose its decorative effect, the bare cherry shoots create an extraordinary contrast against the background of white snow.

This shrub can be planted singly or intelligently combined with other plants.

Flowering shrubs are best planted not singly, but in small groups. It is good if there is a path, a fountain or a terrace nearby. Plant large plants at the back, stunted plants at the front. To make the composition look more elegant, you can place stones, flowers, cereals nearby.

The most popular are conifers

Representatives of conifers are considered to be the most popular plants in gardening of a garden plot: spruce, pine, thuja, juniper, cypress.

Evergreens will produce vibrant, green colors regardless of the season, which is why conifers dominate almost any garden.

Among the variety of forms of coniferous shrubs: pyramidal, spherical, spreading, there will definitely be one that will harmoniously fit into the interior of your site.

We are used to the fact that conifers are exceptionally green, in fact, they are striking in their richness of shades. Among them you can find blue, golden, gray, yellow-white, and, of course, the classic green color. Thanks to the luxurious compositions of coniferous trees, the garden will sparkle with wealth and decoration.

Refined thuja keeps its shape well and does not require repeated haircuts. It can be used as a hedge or a single plant. Thuja will also organically complement the group composition in combination with cypress, hydrangea or spirea.

Mountain pines are fast-growing long-livers, enchant with their majesty and instill calmness. The fabulous beauty of the pine trees is not spoiled by the spring sun. Compact bushes planted along the paths create an unusual fluffy border. The densely spaced trees create a natural shady shelter where it is so nice to hide during the exhausting heat.

Spectacular spruce will add a unique charm and aesthetic appeal to your garden.

The thorny beauty will add mystery if it is planted as a single plant against the background of a velvet lawn. On the eve of the winter holidays, it will add a joyful mood, and if you decorate it with toys and lights, it will turn into a magic queen. How wonderful it is to go out on Christmas night to the sparkling Christmas tree and feel the atmosphere of a good tale!

Juniper is widely used in garden landscape design, due to its attractiveness, variety of forms and extensive color palette. The soft aroma exuded by the needles has the ability to disinfect the air and soothe. By planting a juniper near a recreation area, you will get a great way to plunge into the world of freshness, quickly and effectively relieve fatigue.

To avoid the monotony of the garden, combine deciduous shrubs with conifers, this combination looks original and stylish. Turning to our specialists for help, you are guaranteed to receive support and assistance.

We offer a professional approach, creative ideas, consultations for creating a stylish and bright landscape design.

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