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Forsythia medium Maluch

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Forsythia medium Maluch

Forsythia intermedia Maluch

Forsythia (Latin Forsythia) is a beautiful shrub that came from East Asia. This plant is so revered that South Korea has chosen it as its symbol. Simple and unpretentious in cultivation, forsythia prefers permeable, moderately fertile soils. Grows normally in full sun and partial shade. In the shade, flowering is weak. Due to its decorative effect, forsythia bushes will look great in single and group plantings, as well as in the composition, against the background of green plants.

Maximum height of adult forsythia: 0.8-1 m. Maximum crown width: 1.2-1.5 m.

Crown shape: spreading, broadly round, with straight branches. Leaves: narrow-ovoid, light green in color, small, pointed.

Flowers: numerous, bright yellow in color. Abundant flowering, along the entire length of the branches. Flowering time: March to April. Growth rate: slow growing, 10-15 cm per year.

Location and care: grows well on light, moist, drained soils. For abundant flowering, plant in a sunny location. It is frost-resistant, recovers well after a haircut.

Applicable: for single and group planting in gardens. To create an accent in mixed landings. Features: small deciduous shrub, early flowering, frost-hardy.

If you want to buy an intermediate Forsythia Maluch in Kiev: - call us at phone/viber.

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Grooming Information: Forsythia Growing & Care.

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