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Landscaped garden with pond

Landscaped garden with pond

The reservoir enriches the garden, improves the air and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

It is also good if it is large, deep and created taking into account all the norms - then you can swim there. A decade ago, landscaped gardens became popular in Germany.

They do not feel the work of human hands, and their ponds are adapted for bathing. The adaptation of these gardens to our conditions became possible only thanks to the advice of German landscape specialists. Here is some of them.

Advantages of the pond

The pond, as opposed to the pool, is always beautiful. It sets new notes for the landscape around: after all, in summer it serves for swimming, and in winter it turns into a skating rink. Moreover, the water in it is crystal clear, not only visually, thanks to filters, it really is.


When planning a place for a pond, and estimating its size, you should pay attention to the shape of the site and the position of the buildings. Many people want the reservoir to be closer to home. Then details are needed that will unite the garden, and the pond in it, with the living space.

If vegetation or a green fence is planned near the reservoir, then it is advisable to think about plants in advance. Do not forget about existing plantings. With a creative approach, they will organically fit into the plan.

Technical arrangement of the pit

After drawing the boundaries of the future pond and determining its depth, you can safely call a team of specialists.

When forming the pit, it is necessary to add another 40 cm to the depth of the pit, and make an allowance for the water mirror, which is usually located 5 cm below the shore. If groundwater is found during work, a pump should be used. It is better not to get rid of the earth from the pit. It is likely that it will still come in handy. The shore closest to the house is made in the form of a retaining concrete wall. Usually a filtration well and a skimmer are adjacent to it.

Where necessary, ramming and strengthening of the banks of the future reservoir is carried out. After placing on the bottom of the pipes, if any, checking the angle of inclination of the coast, as well as the entrance to the pond, proceed with the placement of the film.

Laying the film and checking it

After cleaning the bottom, you can lay out a special film.

It covers not only the bottom of the pond, but also the source channel, the foundation of the waterfall and the filtration system. It is better to use a film in a roll, and entrust the work itself to a professional. The film is fixed with a special stone or brick frame. Further, the reservoir is filled with water, and it is monitored for at least a week. The norm is the evaporation of water by 0.5 cm in particularly hot weather.

Otherwise, there should be no changes. When draining the pond, a picture of a film flawlessly adhering to the bottom should open. Only then can we talk about a job well done.

Pond bottom work and source construction

A perfectly laid film is filled with crushed stone of various sizes, taking into account the specifics of the banks and the bottom.

To prevent water leakage, it is worth paying special attention to the banks. The future waterfall is being built of stones, fastened with cement mortar. The basis of such a cascade is formed by a huge stone, flat on one side. It is he who helps to achieve the natural look of flowing water. The bed of the source is also covered with rubble.

Thinking over light sources

It is better to illuminate all significant objects on the site. Halogen reflector lamps are perfect for ponds and trees near it. But the pond itself is better illuminated with internal underwater illumination. As for the house and the objects adjacent to it, hanging lanterns or stylized torches will be enough.

Selection of plants and animals

It is ideal to equip the reservoir with native plants. Common reeds and cattails, iris and sedges will not only decorate the pond, but will also participate in its cleaning. It is easy to get them both from like-minded people and in garden centers. Do not lose sight of the cleaning work in the bodies of water near you. During reclamation, many plants are removed. But it is not necessary to look for replenishment for the pond in nature, because many plants are under protection.

It is likely that the pond will deliberately only fill with fish. The further ecosystem will form independently during the first year. The positive aspect of such a natural fauna is its self-regulation.

Maintaining cleanliness

Although the filters work regularly, and the skimmer keeps the surface clean, and all devices function without additional control, there are still some things to do. An important duty is to clean the pond once a month. It is also necessary to control the growth of aquatic plants, which tend to grow.

In addition, if there are many trees near the reservoir, then a protective net will be needed by autumn. It will help fight leaf fall. Winter care is limited to the placement of armfuls of hay to prevent complete freezing of water.

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