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5 rules for planting a fruit seedling

5 rules for planting a fruit seedling

For planting, take single and courtyard garden fruit trees.

One-sided sadzhantsy may have 3-4 tiers of gillocks and 2-3 skeletal roots. Yard sadzhantsi Mayut 4 tiers of gilok. The root of them is good to develop the root system of the growth of the growth: the main straight root and 3-4 skeletal roots.

Before planting the sadzhantsya, the root system should be respectfully looked at at the presence of ailments. A healthy root on growth is to blame for the mother of beads. Buri kolіr zrіzu talk about those who are roots or pidsoh, or pіdmerz. I will see some of the shit out of my mind to a great tissue. A part of the root is seen also, like on niy є pukhlini or іnshi ailments.

When transporting, transferring, transferring the roots, do not allow the roots to dry out. As soon as it became, then the sadzhanets should be put into the pool with water.

Saplings at the landing is more beautiful than the ointuvati on the date to the light in the same way as the stench grew in the rose. The price is tied together, but the flowers of the growing line sounded before singing. Pahony trees will wikidaty leaves from the side with a small amount of chlorophyll, and from the pavnichnoy navpaki. It’s wrong to zorієntuvati roslina to the light, when it’s bad enough that don’t go to the new minds.

When planting young trees, it is necessary to follow the next recommendations:

1. Before landing in the pit, it is necessary to make a good man. It’s even more beautiful than the death of the autumn. Saditi sajantsi is recommended to be taken before the ear.

2. Spill the skin of the planting pit with two water holes. It is necessary to check, leave the vologue to climb into the ground.

3. Root system of skin saplings is covered with clay from clay or earth. Tse will make a bigger adhesion to the root to the roots. Zapobigєєє пов

4. Planting the dewline rocking twice: one trima saganets strictly in the center of the planting holes, and in small portions of the earth, the root of the dewline shrinks, periodically ramming with its feet. Tse zapobigak approved empty.

5. To plant a tree strictly on a collar. If you plant it too much, then the growth will start to grow, it will grow during the growing season, and the fruiting will decline. As soon as the root growth is close to the surface, then the roselin will simply dry out.

Taking out the elementary recommendations of the pre-season gardeners brought not only an early, but rather a bright harvest.

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