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Apricot Pineapple

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Apricot Pineapple Armeniaca

Synonyms: Apricot shalah

Age of seedlings: 2 years. Open root or container: 15 l.

Self-fertile variety of medium ripening. Tree of medium growth vigor: the height of an adult tree is 3-4 m, the shape of the crown is oval-pyramidal. Begins fruiting in 4-5 years. Winter-hardy (4th zone of hardiness (-28 ° C).

Fruits are large 45-50 g, yellow, sometimes with a slight blush, oval. The pulp is large enough, bright orange, fragrant, non-fibrous, well separated from the stone.

Productivity is high: 30-35 kg per tree Self-fertile variety, does not require pollinators. Fruit taste - with a pineapple flavor and sourness. Ripening period: early July.

Differs in drought resistance. Resistant to clasterosporia, moniliosis and curly leaves. However, in years with warm warm spring are recommended preventive spraying with fungicides.

Recommended for amateur and industrial and amateur gardening in the steppe and forest-steppe of Ukraine Scheme of planting apricot 6x5 m Planting time: autumn or spring (second half of April). Unpretentious to the soil, but prefers moist.

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More information: Care and cultivation of apricots.

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