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Comfortable gazebo for giving

Comfortable gazebo for giving

The dacha is perhaps the most beloved and popular place of all townspeople.

Each of us wants to break away from the bustle of the city on a day off and go to a place where you can relax in body and soul.

Of course, the main and central place in the summer cottage is the gazebo. It is there that the resting townspeople spend more time enjoying nature. Accordingly, the gazebo should be such that one would like to be in it: comfortable, and beautiful, and cozy. For this, it is necessary to properly equip it.

At the very beginning, you should make a choice of what the gazebo will be like, for what it will exist.

It should be considered in what period of time it will be used. If the gazebo will be used exclusively in the summer, then for its construction there will be enough of an ordinary platform with a light covering, for example, an awning. Well, if the gazebo is designed for the winter version, then here you need a reliable foundation and walls. Naturally, the design and construction of such a gazebo should be entrusted to professionals, because they will be able to calculate everything correctly.

What is a gazebo in general? It is a small structure with a roof, which is intended for long-term rest and is able to stand on the site all year round.

Accordingly, such a structure must withstand certain loads: rain, snow, heat and cool, while not losing its aesthetic appearance. For this reason, for the construction of such a structure, it is necessary to carefully select materials, taking into account their strength and external attractiveness.

Having decided on the material and style of the gazebo, you should choose the place where it will be built. Architects advise choosing a place that, firstly, will be protected from the wind, and secondly, it will harmoniously fit into the garden space. It is good, of course, if the whole garden or flower beds can be seen from the gazebo.

As a rule, the gazebo is built as an independent structure on the site, but sometimes the gazebo can simply be attached to the house. This applies primarily to small areas. In this case, the paths and the platform will look good near the gazebo.

A variety of materials are suitable for the construction of a gazebo. This structure can be made from logs, weaved from a vine, laid out from bottles, stone, even just put an awning. A flight of imagination is welcome here. The main thing is to take into account the natural features. In our strip, it is preferable to use materials such as brick, wood, as well as forged structures.

You can use a welded metal tube frame covered with a waterproof fabric. It's cheap and very practical. You can also use chipboard, which is an inexpensive and fairly practical material. There are many options. The main thing is that your gazebo is individual and it is pleasant to spend time in it.

As for the interior, it should be remembered: furniture for a gazebo is significantly different from any other. Furniture for a gazebo should be not only comfortable, but also functional. It must correspond to certain areas. For example, in the recreation area, in the gazebo, you can put soft chairs or a sofa, and in the barbecue area near the barbecue, a table and stools are required. At the same time, do not forget that the barbecue area is an inseparable attribute of any gazebo on the site.

The armchairs and sofas located in the recreation area, as well as a hammock, can and should be decorated with a large number of soft pillows, blankets, so that it is pleasant to relax in the fresh air.

If you have highlighted a barbecue area in the gazebo, then be sure to think about how the water will be supplied, what kind of sewerage will be. These are important points and very necessary ones.

For those who have small children, one more area should be allocated in the gazebo - a place for storing toys. After all, children have such a feature: constantly scatter their objects for games. Therefore, everything should be at hand. In this case, we recommend folding furniture or with built-in niches. Sofas or benches with removable seats. After all, they will perfectly play the role of storage for toys.

One more little tip. Furniture for the gazebo must be selected taking into account our climatic conditions. Furniture must be resistant to temperature changes. Wood or metal furniture works best for this.

When choosing a gazebo design, think it over well. The gazebo looks good and round, and in the shape of an octagon, and square. In any case, pay attention to the roof. The roof slope must be inclined. This is the best option. It is this roof that will be the most durable and durable. It is better to make the roof from materials such as slate and polycarbonate. They are the most durable.

When the gazebo is already built, be sure to light it up in it. It can be central, in the form of a chandelier. In addition, there may be lights located around the perimeter, or side lighting lamps. Everything here will rely on your taste.

A good addition to the decor will be a variety of curtains and canopies, which you can not only purchase, but also make yourself from lightweight fabrics. They will hide you from the burning sun and create comfort. In addition to textiles, gazebos are most often decorated with numerous plants, mainly climbing. This will create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. In such a gazebo, you will want to spend weekends again and again, away from the bustle of the city, to enjoy the peace and beauty of wildlife.

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