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Small garden patio

Small garden patio

Even the smallest part of the garden can be turned into a cute and pleasant resting place with a patio.

First you need to decide for what purposes the patio will be used, for a while discarding thoughts about building materials and design style.

What do you want to do? Probably, I have long wanted to have a summer corner for creativity: reading, drawing, or writing my own novel. Then in such a corner there should be a table with two chairs.

Or maybe there is a desire to arrange a separate place where you can barbecue at any time? Or just admire a small fountain and relax under the murmur of water? In any case, the future courtyard should serve the needs of the owner.

Before building a patio, you need to take a closer look at the site and estimate its size. If there is not enough space, you need to think about how you can hide objects that do not fit into the future design: a drainpipe or a manhole.

When building a patio, you can choose any style: modern, Mediterranean, Moorish or Japanese. Materials can also be anything: brick, gravel, sawdust, or wood flooring.

When renovating a site, you need to adhere to one theme or idea. To do this, you need to treat construction as if you need to renovate one of your favorite rooms. It is necessary to select items and materials so that they are in the same style.

The patio is unique in that it will feel a sense of tranquility in any situation. A beautiful canopy of climbing plants will create comfort and coziness in the furnished corner.

Surface styling material

The most expensive material is real stone. You need to hire a professional to lay it down. But it will look rich and beautiful.

A cheap option is a regular free-form stone. It can be combined with bricks. You can buy multi-colored bricks and create a drawing.

You can also create a patio from paving stones. They sell it in different types and sizes.

Work order

The patio area must be at least 4 m² in size. To drain rainwater, it should be done at a slight incline.

Making a patio yourself without calling in workers is easy enough. The surface can be made of either stone, brick, or wood flooring.

There are two methods for laying stone; "Dry" and "wet":

1. Dry. First you need to mark the site. Then a layer of soil 10 centimeters high is removed. After that, fine sand along with crushed stone is poured into the prepared place. The sand must be compressed and leveled with a shovel. A brick, stone or tile is applied on top. The joints between the tiles are covered with sand.

2. Wet. This method uses concrete or mortar in addition to sand. The preparatory stage is the same as in the "dry" method: a layer of soil is removed, a layer of sand with gravel is filled in. Further, the sand pillow is poured with a solution of 2 centimeters thick. After that, paving stones or tiles are laid.

After the surface of the ground has been repaired, a curb must be laid along the edge of the site. It can be made from concrete, decorative bricks or wooden blocks.

When the laying is finished, the distance between the bricks must be filled with sand. Carefully sweep the rest with a broom.

Change construction according to the situation. If the construction goes without an initial foundation, then rubble is used. If the foundation already exists, then there is no need to use crushed stone.


The most convenient patio location is the back wall of the house. And if there is an entrance door, then it is doubly convenient. Indeed, in this case, you can quickly bring food or change furniture.

If there is enough space, then in the garden you can make a separate open-air room. To do this, you can build a plastic or wooden fence.

The patio can be created anywhere on the site. A patio with a canopy is a good choice for social gatherings. Good lighting can be done with a canopy.

You can also put a country swing. In them, you can easily read books or just relax from others.

If there is a lot of space, you can put a small fireplace, and place a table and several chairs nearby. Instead of chairs, you can put two small sofas opposite each other.

For your patio, choose plants that can withstand almost any weather. These can be: fuchsia, geranium, different types of roses, clematis. You can also plant small shrubs near the sides.


Every step of building a patio is a creative process. There are no restrictions here. It all depends on the imagination, space and budget of each family.

The patio is a great corner of calm and relaxation, or, conversely, a place for family celebrations or parties.

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