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Peat mix universal light Compo Sana, 40l

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Peat mix universal light Compo Sana, 40l

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Production: Germany. German quality - for the health of your pets!

Universal light peat mixture contains 50% more perlite, which makes its structure more breathable and porous.

After transplanting, indoor plants do not need feeding for 16 weeks, thanks to the complex of mineral fertilizers that are part of the tofos mixture. Perlite provides aeration to the root system, while Agrosil biological stimulant promotes plant rooting.

The composition of the peat mixture:

  • - high-quality horse peat of very fine fraction;
  • - limestone; - perlite soil improver (50% more!);
  • - Agrosil root growth stimulator;
  • - fertilizer complex: potassium (K20) - 300-550 mg / l; phosphorus (P2O5) - 200-500 mg / l; nitrogen (N) - 200-450 mg / l. Acidity pH (KCI) - 5.0-6.5.

Shelf life - 7 years from the date of production.

If you want to buy Peat mix universal light Compo Sana, 40l: - call us by phone: (044) 337-1800, (050) 415-0033, (063) 127-1010, (067) 216-2012. You can also purchase the Compo Sana universal light peat mix through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

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