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Spruce Sitka Nana (Pícea sitchensis Nana)

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Sitka spruce Nana

Pícea sitchensis

Sitka spruce (Latin Pícea sitchensis) is an evergreen coniferous tree from the Pine family, which grows up to 50-60 meters in the wild. In natural conditions, it grows on the western coast of North America along the slopes of mountains, along rivers.

Feature of the Nana variety: Dwarf form with a spherical crown, the variety was bred in the 19th century. Life expectancy is 700-800 years.

The maximum size of a spruce is about 1 meter. Prefers acidic soil. Maximum height of an adult spruce: 90-100 cm. Maximum crown diameter: 70-80 cm. Crown shape: spherical.

Needles: soft, 25-30 mm long, color - silvery green with a blue tint. Cones are oval, young - yellow-green, then brown, up to 8-9 cm long and 2-4 cm in diameter. Growth rate: very slow - up to 5 cm per year.

Location: Likes light places, in partial shade the needles acquire a green color. Prefers nutritious, well-drained, acidic soils with a pH of 4.5-5.8.

It is used: in a single planting as a contrast on the lawn, when creating landscape compositions, rock gardens, rocky hills, when creating gardens in the Japanese style.

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