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Hydrangea tree Anabel

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Hydrangea tree

Anabel Hydrangea arborescens

Treelike hydrangea is a shrub with large spherical white-cream inflorescences. This flowering shrub grows into a very lush, spreading shrub with numerous flexible shoots.

Mature plants can grow up to 2-3 meters in diameter. The growth rate of hydrangeas is approximately 1-1.5 meters per year.

Feels good in light partial shade, but not very close to trees. Hydrangea is moisture-loving, and tree roots can take up the necessary moisture. In dry weather, it needs abundant watering. Prefers acidic soils.

The hydrangea bush looks very decorative from spring to late autumn. Looks great as a single plant.

If you want to buy a garden hydrangea in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012, (063) 127-1010, (050) 415-0033. You can also buy Anabelle tree hydrangea seedlings through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Hydrangea care.

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