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Pine Weymouth (Pínus strobus)

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Weymouth pine

Pínus strobus

Weymouth Pine (Latin Pínus strobusi) or Eastern White Pine is a coniferous tree from the Pine family. In the wild, it grows in the northeastern United States and on the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Feature of the tree: Weymouth pine can withstand temperatures down to -29 ° C (zone 5) in winter. Prefers a humid climate and is not recommended for cultivation in the southeastern and arid regions of Ukraine, in the Crimea.

The maximum height of an adult larch: 40-50 meters at 50 years of age, can grow up to 60-70 meters. Lives over 400 years. Maximum crown diameter: 10-15 meters. Crown shape - conical at a young age, then rounded or uneven. Cones are cylindrical, oblong, brownish, 15-20 cm long.

Needles: collected in bunches of 5 needles, 6-10 cm long. Color - dark green, preserved on branches for 2-3 years. Growth rate: adult pine (10-40 years old) - 50-60 cm per year, then the growth rate decreases slightly.

Location: Photophilous, but as demanding on lighting as black pine or Scots pine. Prefers sandy loam and loamy soil, on poor soils it can hurt from a rust fungus. Does not tolerate saline soils.

Applied: in single and group plantings, in combination with other conifers. High resistance to urban conditions, smoke resistance is higher than that of black pine.

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Optional: Weymouth Pine Care.

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