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Orchid Vanda Michelle in a vase. 70 cm

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Orchid Wanda Michelle in a glass vase. 70 cm

Height of a glass vase: 70 cm, d top - 18 cm. D bottom - 12 cm.

Wanda's height - 65-70 cm

Number of peduncles: one

Colors: pink, blue-violet, purple, yellow, speckled, red.

The diameter of the flowers is from 8 to 10 cm.

Usually, the beautiful Vanda is chosen as an expensive and respectable gift or to the orchid collection.

Vanda Orchid - loves light and humid air. It is usually watered every two to three days in summer and once a week in winter.

Wanda is a marvelous orchid with an ancient name. In Old Slavonic, this name means "troublemaker" or "entertainer".

If you want to buy Wanda in a glass vase in Kiev: - call us on phone/viber. You can also buy Wanda through the online store.

More Information: Wanda Orchid Care.

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