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How to influence the yield of fruit trees

How to influence the yield of fruit trees

Nowadays, it is a common trend to own a house in nature, where you can have a good time and grow natural vegetables and fruits.

To increase the yield of vegetable crops, you must adhere to the correct planting technique.

This method is absolutely not suitable for fruit trees and various shrubs.

The process of caring for them can be represented as a forked road, and the choice of a certain path depends on what the result will be, positive or negative.

This feature is due to the fact that vegetables are mainly annual, and trees and shrubs are perennial. This is why many problems arise. For example, an apple tree in one year can give a huge amount of fruits, and in the subsequent either the harvest will be completely absent, or there will be a small amount. This is due to the fact that in the first year the apple tree spent all its resources, and therefore, until its strength is restored, the harvest will not be large.

The next factor that affects the yield of perennial plants is that they hibernate in the open field. They are also affected by temperature changes and weather conditions.

It is important to note that it is winter care that plays an important role, which should be treated with a particularly creative approach. It is necessary to select the flexibility of the reaction depending on what cold, warm, dry or lack of snow this winter.

Another major factor is the particular structure of fruit trees and shrubs, including size. Therefore, it is worth choosing the location in a well-lit place and with a large area for food. By the way, it is light that plays a dominant role in the color and taste of the fruit.

Crown formation is also an integral part of the impact on yield. It is necessary to take into account the specific characteristics of each representative, which are associated with the shoots of the vegetative and generative type.

Vegetative shoots are used for the growth and development of the tree, generative ones - for fruiting.

Some buds are formed on annuals, others on perennial shoots, this will then affect fruiting. You also need to pay attention to the age of the generative shoot. Some representatives of kolchatka can exist for more than 10 years, but the main fruiting peak lasts up to 6 years.

Ringworms are the shortest fruitful formations up to 3 cm long. They grow at right angles from the bearing branch, they have shortened internodes and one well-developed apical bud.

Beginners find it necessary to cut a large number of leaves. But think about it, if there are not enough of them, then the tree will not be able to photosynthesize fully, that is, it will not feed. And this leads to depletion of resources, and, accordingly, the yield will be practically absent. If you leave a lot of leaves, then the opposite situation is created, but with the same effect, that is, all forces will be directed precisely at them, and not at fertility.

It is necessary to leave a lot of vegetative type shoots and reduce generative ones. This will allow you to get high quality fruits in large quantities.

Shoots grow for about 2.5 months, and the most intense period of development lasts up to 25 days. The intensity of the process can be changed if the tree is watered and fed abundantly in May.

By mid-June, growth can slow down sharply, as the tree redirects its forces and fruit buds are laid. Therefore, at this time it is not worth watering it, but the fertilizer needs to be changed in order to lower the nitrogen content and increase the potassium and phosphorus.

Photosynthesis is a very complex process, with the help of which the solar energy of green leaves becomes chemical. Under the influence of light quanta, water and carbon dioxide are converted into complex molecules. Unfortunately, not all leaves can fully photosynthesize, but only partially. A large number of rays are obtained by those located on the crown of the tree, that is, closer to the sun.

In order for the rays to penetrate deep into the crown, it is necessary to cut it in the form of a column or protruding branches. This will reduce the difference in absorption of solar radiation in different parts of the tree.

Compost pits should be formed near trees, which will increase the release of carbon dioxide, which they need so much.

The yield is influenced by thin and short roots, which are covered with a layer of hairs. The dependence lies in the fact that the more such roots, the higher the amount of the crop will be.

In early spring, the flowering process of fruit plants begins, which may not always lead to positive results if frosts occur. Therefore, the gardener should have in stock several plans for saving the tree in a given weather.

It is also necessary to attract insects to the tree for pollination using basil, mint, lemon balm and others. There are many problems for pollinators to work, namely weather conditions (at + 30 ° C the bees stop years), prolonged rains and strong winds. Therefore, the gardener must provide the tree with protection.

And do not forget to treat trees from pests and various diseases. By observing all this, you will get a large and tasty harvest.

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