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The most popular gardening technique of 2016 for landscaping

The most popular gardening technique of 2016 for landscaping

The choice of ornamental plants for landscape design is only the initial stage of landscaping your site.

It is also necessary to regularly remove debris and snow.

Periodically loosen the soil, cut and crown trees, protect them from pests.

Garden equipment is designed to simplify all these works on the site.

It is necessary to choose garden equipment based on the needs.

Mainly, factors such as:

  • - the project of landscape design itself,
  • - straightness of the site,
  • - type of plantings.

Among other things, each specific type of equipment is designed to perform specific tasks and is used depending on the season.

The catalog of the popular portal http://price.ua/catalog4708.html presents gardening equipment that is in greatest demand among consumers.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the most popular landscape design techniques in 2016, determined based on the results of consumer demand Price UA.


Motorized cultivators are used for the purpose of mechanized soil cultivation. This garden technique differs in the type of nutrition, cultivation width, power.

You can choose motor cultivators liquid fuel (gasoline) and electric.

Electric cultivator models are dependent on the power source and are most optimal for working in small household plots. Their main advantage lies in a more affordable cost. Popular models like FORTE EPT - 1400 can be purchased for only 80-90 USD. Electric motor-cultivators have low power (0.8-1.5 hp), due to which they are quite well suited for shallow plowing for planting a lawn.

To plow the soil for root plants (trees, bushes), it is better to purchase liquid-fuel cultivator models. It has earned the trust of consumers FORTE HSD1G-80B (6.5 hp) Its cultivation depth reaches 15-19 cm, due to which it is allowed to use such garden equipment for plowing a vegetable garden. Liquid-fuel models are more expensive than their electric counterparts (prices from $ 300), but more reliable and more efficient.

Pruning and crowning

The process of giving plants the correct shape is an important step in landscape design. Small ornamental plants can also be trimmed with garden shears.

But shrubs and trees need a more powerful technique - brush cutters. They can be gasoline, battery or mains powered.

Popular petrol models like MTD HT 55 B or HUSQVARNA 122HD60. They are fast (up to 2700-3000 rpm) and powerful (0.6-0.85 kW), due to which they are suitable for crowning trees and pruning thick branches.

Slightly lower power (0.4-0.55 kW) have network hedge trimmers. At the same time, the travel speed can reach 3400 rpm, which makes them the best option for pruning shrubs and hedges.

Their disadvantage is the limitation when working with the length of the power cord or extension cord. Popular models of networked brushcutters in 2016: AL-KO HT 550, AL-KO HT 440, BOSCH AHS 60-16.

For pruning thin branches and leaves, use cordless hedge trimmers. Although they are low-powered, they cope with their task. The users of choice in 2016 are the Makita UH200DWX, AL-KO HT 18V Li cordless brushcutters.

Lawn care

Lawn mowers and brushcutters help ensure quality lawn care.

This garden technique quickly removes weeds, trims and straightens the grass. In this case, brushcutters (trimers) are often used to remove weeds. They are unlikely to be able to cut the lawn exactly.

The most rated trimmers are AL-KO Powerline MS 3300 B, AL-KO BC 4535 Premium, STIHL FS 55. This is an excellent and inexpensive choice for landscaping.

It is difficult to handle large areas with brushcutters, and therefore the owners of such sites make a choice in favor of lawn mowers.

Popular lawnmower models: AL-KO Classic 3.22 SE (3.82 SE), MTD SMART 32E, MAKITA ELM 4611 (electric) AL-KO Soft Touch 38 HM Comfort (manual). They are ideal for medium sized areas.

Powerful, remote-working, but more expensive - petrol-powered lawn mowers like the HUSQVARNA LC 348V or MTD 46 SPO.

Protection against diseases and pests

Treatment of vegetation by spraying allows you to protect plantings from various diseases, insect pests. For these purposes, they use such gardening equipment as hand sprayers and motorized sprayers.

Hand-held and battery-operated sprayers are characterized by a low working pressure (up to 3-5 bar), which is generated by a hand or low-power electric pump.

The spraying range of such garden equipment is up to 1.5-3m. Popular models of hand-held (Sadko SPR-2, GARDENA 00884-20) and battery-operated (Makita BVF 104 RF, Sadko SPR-16E) sprayers are used when treating small areas and low stands.

To work with tall plants and on large areas, many people prefer motor sprayers Dnipro-M 3WF-3, Sadko GMD-6014, Makita EVH 2000.

They create high pressure up to 25-30 bar and are capable of spraying liquid over a distance of 10-15 meters.

Cleaning of garbage, leaves, snow

Instead of manual labor using rakes and shovels, gardening equipment came in the form of garden vacuum cleaners and snow blowers.

Garden vacuum cleaners like Sadko SBE-450, VITALS LP 2412Y will quickly remove unnecessary debris and fallen leaves from the site.

And self-propelled (AL-KO SnowLine 46E, MTD M 61) and non-self-propelled manual snow blowers (FORTE QI-JY-50, Stiga Electric 45) will allow you to enjoy evergreen ornamental plantings in any season.


After reviewing the TOP models of garden equipment, which are chosen by the majority of Price UA users, we hope that your choice will be easier.

And the main feature of this choice is that you can find garden equipment for a variety of purposes, any degree of automation, at the best price.

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