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Buddleya David White Profusion, container 2L

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Buddleja David White Profusion

Buddleja davídii White Profusion

Height of seedlings: 20-30 cm. Container: 2 l.

Buddleya David (Latin Buddleja davídii) or Buddleya changeable - a flowering plant in the form of a bush from the genus Buddley. The homeland of industrial descent is the western and central regions of China. It got its name in honor of the French naturalist Armand David, who discovered this type of Buddley.

Features of the variety White Profusion: the most popular of the white varieties, it appeared on sale in 1945 and until that time is considered one of the best varieties. Relatively fast-growing, has an average frost resistance up to -23.3 ° C (6th zone), frosting of shoots is possible in frosty winter. However, in the spring, new shoots grow, at the ends of which inflorescences are formed. It lends itself well to formation and pruning.

Maximum height of an adult bush: 2.5-3 m. Maximum crown width: 2-2.5 m. Crown shape: wide-spreading, large, with vertical and widely spread branches. Leaves: pointed, lanceolate, dark green above, white-yellow below with a velvety down.

Flowers: white, large, collected in cone-shaped inflorescences 30-40 cm long, resemble bird cherry in appearance, have a pleasant aroma. Flowering time: late July to late September. Growth rate: medium-fast growing.

Location and care: Prefers moist, fresh soils, can grow on alkaline and sandy loam soils. It develops well in sheltered from the wind, well-lit places. Application in landscape design: as a tapeworm on the lawn, in group plantings in parks, gardens, personal plots. For decorative decoration of ridges, rocky gardens. Buddleya David looks great in compositions with conifers, perennials, ornamental shrubs.

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