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Well maintained garden. Choosing a garden shredder

Well maintained garden. Choosing a garden shredder

Modern technical devices can turn the exhausting work of gardening into a fairly simple process.

These devices include garden shredders.

They help you quickly and easily deal with a wide variety of garden debris. In addition, different models of these devices are presented on the domestic market, which differ not only in cost, but also in functional capabilities.

Today, garden shredders can be bought in Ukraine both in specialized shopping centers and on the websites of online stores.

If you are interested in this device, and you decide to purchase it for work in your own garden, then you should study its technical characteristics more closely.

Purpose of shredders

Garden shredders are devices consisting of the following mandatory components:

  • - cutting element;
  • - knives or cutters;
  • - motor;
  • - body - metal or plastic.

The main purpose of shredders is to process different types of waste. We are talking about paper, grass and shrubs, tree branches, leaves and weeds, stems and more.

That is why all devices of this type can be attributed to separate categories: for chopping branches, grass or debris.

In addition, such devices perfectly cope with the tasks of disposal of garden waste and the manufacture of natural fertilizer (mulch) for beds and flower beds.

Device Specifications

When buying a garden shredder, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • - the power of the apparatus, on the indicator of which the volume of the processed waste will depend (from 3.9 to 8 kW);
  • - the diameter of the branches allowed for the cutting system of this tool (25-80 mm);
  • - the weight of the device corresponding to the power of the device (5-100 kg).

The presence of additional functions is also important, among which it is worth noting:

  • - the possibility of preliminary cutting;
  • - speed regulation;
  • - noise reduction properties;
  • - the ability to automatically clean knives;
  • - Equipped with a reverse function.

The main types of garden shredders

Depending on the grinding mechanism, the devices can be:

  • - knife, which are equipped with two knives rotating in the same plane. Such machines perfectly process leaves, grass, fruits and freshly cut branches;
  • - milling, capable of crushing organic and inorganic waste using mills;
  • - combined, using a cutter and knives as a cutting element at the same time. This type effectively handles any type of garden waste.

According to the characteristics of the motor, shredders are produced in two types:

1. Electric, having a power indicator within 2.6 kW. Such devices are capable of chopping branches up to 4 cm in diameter. The advantages of this type include ease of construction and ease of use. At the same time, insufficient mains voltage can cause malfunction, and the length of the power cord will significantly limit the range.

2. Gasoline, with power up to 8 kW. The permissible diameter of shredded branches is 8 cm. Together with the visible advantages in terms of improved functionality and expanded possibilities for processing large volumes of waste, the devices have a small disadvantage in the form of a fairly high noise level.

Analysis of pricing policy

The price of a shredder can range from 100 to 500 USD. The cost of the device will depend on the technical characteristics, the availability of additional functions, the body material, the type of power supply, as well as the rating of the manufacturer of garden tools.

Having familiarized yourself with the market offers, you can choose a device that will ideally meet the tasks and will help you make your garden well-groomed and clean with minimal loss of finances and physical strength.

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