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Iva Matsudana Erythroflexuose

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Willow Matsudana Erythroflexuose

Salix matsudana Erythroflexuosa

Willow Matsudana (lat. Salix matsudana) is a deciduous deciduous shrub or tree from the Willow family with bizarrely curved branches, for which it is called the Sinuous Willow. In natural nature, it grows in northeastern China, Korea, in southern Manchuria on the shores of lakes and rivers. Some trees reach 13 meters in height.

For horticulture purposes, 2 varieties have been bred: Tortuosa (Salix matsudana Tortuosa) and Erythroflexuose (Salix matsudana Erythroflexuosa), which are of more modest size.

Feature of Willow Matsudan Erythroflexuosa: Slow growing tree suitable for small garden landscape. In winter and autumn, the decorative effect is given by its bright, intricately curved branches of orange-yellow color. In severe frosts, shoots can freeze over, but in spring they grow back, giving the tree a spherical shape. Needs annual pruning. In addition, Iva Matsudana is a wonderful honey plant.

Maximum height of an adult willow: 4-5 meters. Maximum crown diameter: 4-5 meters.

Crown shape: spherical, dense. Leaves: lanceolate, 8-10 cm long. In spring and summer, they are green above, bluish below, in autumn they turn yellow unevenly, giving the tree a fantastic look.

Location: It is undemanding to the soil, but it grows better on medium-moist soils. White willow is light-requiring, but it can grow in partial shade. Moisture-loving, develops well in places with high air humidity. It is advisable to plant in places protected from strong winds.

It is used: in small gardens, for single planting on the lawn, near the pool or in group plantings along water bodies.

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