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Spirea Wangutta (Spiraea vanhouttei)

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Spirea Vangutta

Spiraea vanhouttei

Maximum height of an adult spirea: 2-2.5 m. Maximum crown width: 2.5-3 m.

Crown shape: broadly spreading. Leaves: serrated, ovoid, green, 3-3.5 cm long.

Flowers: collected in small rounded inflorescences, white flowers, densely covering the branches. Flowering time: March, possible re-flowering in late summer. Growth rate: average, 10-15 cm per year.

Location: prefers fresh, moist soils, does not tolerate drought. Prefers sunny locations. It is used: for planting in mixed groups, creating curbs, hedges.

Features: deciduous, flowering, highly frost-resistant.

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More information: Spirea care.

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