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Derain white Kesselringi

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Derain white Kesselringi

Cornus alba Kesselringii

Maximum height of an adult deren: 2.5-3 m. Maximum crown width: 2-2.5 m.

Crown shape: dense, erect. Leaves: oval, dark brown, green-bluish in summer, yellow in autumn. Flowers: collected in rounded inflorescences, flowers are white-yellowish in color.

Fruits - inedible, slightly poisonous.

Growth rate: relatively fast growing, 15-20 cm per year.

Location: not picky about the soil, grows well on wet, permeable, drained soils, does not like stagnant moisture. Can grow in the shade. Used: as a hedge. It is used in parks and garden plots, in group plantings.

Features: Deciduous, with colorful leaves, highly frost hardy.

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