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Norway spruce Barry (Picea abies Barryi)

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Norway spruce Barry

Picea abies Barryi

Norway spruce (Latin Picea abies) or European spruce - a coniferous tree of the Pine family. Distributed in northeastern Europe, in the highlands of the Alps, Carpathians. Lives about 120-150 years.

Peculiarity of the "Barryi" spruce variety: Dwarf European spruce, with a dense graceful crown. Frost-resistant, can withstand temperatures as low as -34.4 ° C (4th zone). Does not tolerate waterlogging of the soil. It grows very slowly, so it will be an excellent purchase for owners of small plots.

Maximum height of an adult spruce: 2.5-3 meters. Annual growth is 5-10 cm.At the age of 10 years, the height is 0.6-0.7 m, at 30 years old - 1.8-2 m. Maximum crown diameter: 2.5-3 m. Crown shape in young trees - round, in older ones - broadly conical, densely branched, branches directed upwards.

Needles: dull, shiny, dark green, short, young - light green in color. Location: Shade-tolerant, but prefers well-lit places. It grows better on sandy loam and loamy, well-drained soils, does not tolerate waterlogging. Young seedlings may suffer from frost; shelter for the winter is recommended.

It is used: in single and group compositions, to create rock gardens and alpine slides, rocky or Japanese gardens.

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