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Canadian spruce Alberta Globa, container 2l

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Canadian spruce Alberta Globa

Picea glauca

Height of seedlings: 10-15 cm Container: 2 l.

Spruce Canadian Alberta Globa (lat.Picea glauca) is a natural mutation of the Canadian Spruce from the Pine family. The variety was discovered by the gardener Z. Streng from the Netherlands.

Feature of the tree: Spherical shape, slow-growing, widely used in landscape design. Drought-resistant.

Maximum height of an adult spruce: about 1 meter. Maximum crown diameter: 0.8-1 meter. Crown shape: spherical, dense.

Needles: thin, soft, needle-like, slightly prickly, fragrant. Young - bright, yellow-green, then turns green, 6-9 mm long. Growth rate: very low, 5-10 cm in height and 2-4 cm in width per year.

Location: Bright place, but tolerates shading. Prefers moist, medium loamy soil with a breathable top layer.

It is used: for the decoration of rocky hills, for heather and rocky gardens, in single and group planting with decorative shrubs, for landscape compositions. Growing in containers is possible.

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