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Orchid Vanda in a glass goblet, 70 cm

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Orchid Vanda in a glass

Glass height 70 cm, Vanda height - 55-60 cm

Number of peduncles: one Colors: pink, purple, yellow.

On horizontally located peduncles, 5-10 fragrant waxy flowers, each up to 8 cm in diameter. There are Wandas on sale in a tall glass goblet.

Wanda is a marvelous orchid with an ancient name. In Old Slavonic, this name means "troublemaker" or "entertainer". Indeed, she is able to argue with the gray everyday life, everyday life, even a sad mood, you just have to put her in your room.

Due to its vitality and year-round flowering, the Wanda Orchid has been chosen as the symbol of Singapore and is even depicted on coins.

If you want to buy a Wanda in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012. You can also buy Wanda Orchid in a glass through the online store. Delivery across Kiev and Ukraine.

More Information: Wanda Orchid Care.

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