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Balsam (Impatiens)

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Synonyms: Vanka-vstanka, Wet Vanka, Asterisk, Ogonyok, Molodushka

Height (with a pot): 25-30 cm, d pot - 8-10 cm.

Colors: white, red, white with red, pink, purple, orange.

Balsam (lat. Impatiens) - the flower belongs to the Balsamin family. The name Balsam - Impatiens is translated from Latin as "Impatient, Intolerant". Originally from the subtropics of Africa and Asia. The flower develops well in light partial shade.

The best place for balsam will be east and west facing windows. Balsam is widely popular among gardeners - it can grow both in the room and on the balcony or garden area. It can often be found on the windows of kindergartens and schools.

The main condition for the successful cultivation of balsam in an apartment is not to overdry, the soil in the pot must remain moist, but stagnation of water is undesirable. Stagnant water provokes the appearance of small midges. In the summer you should water every other day, in the winter - 2 times a week.

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