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Colors: white, pink, burgundy, purple

Height (with a pot): 15-20 cm, 20-25 cm, 25-30 cm, 30-35 cm.d pot - 9 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm.

Cyclamen (Latin Cyclamen) is a perennial herb, belongs to the Primroses family. Widely distributed in Northeast Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, Iran. For growing in room conditions, two types of cyclamens were bred: European and Persian. Interestingly, the scientific name of the flower is Cýclamen with stress on the first syllable, although in colloquial resi the stress on the last syllable is more often used. The flower has other names: Dryakva, Alpine violet (European cyclamen).

Cyclamen develops in a well-lit place, but shaded from the direct sun. The best place for a flower will be the sill of the east window. The flower needs regular airing and frequent, but moderate watering. In winter, the optimum temperature for keeping is 10-12 ° C, in summer - 20-25 ° C. Cyclamen needs high humidity. It can be created with the help of periodically moistened expanded clay, placed in a pallet near a flower pot. For the same reason, you should not place the pot close to the radiator.

Cyclamen gained popularity thanks to its beautiful flowers, which delight the female half of humanity at the beginning of spring.

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More information: Cyclamen care and cultivation.

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