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Echinocactus Gruzoni large

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Echinocactus Gruzona large size

Cactus height: 25-35 cm, d bowls - 19-21 cm; cactus height: 45-55 cm, d bowls - 24-29 cm.

Echinocactus Gruzoni of large sizes will adorn any collection of cacti! Hedgehog cactus, Golden Barrel Cactus, Golden Ball - all these names refer to Gruzon's echinocactus. The bright yellow color of the sharpest cactus needles resembles gold, and some specimens grow to the size of a barrel.

Like most cacti, Gruzon prefers good lighting, the ideal place for him is a southern or southwestern windowsill. In summer, it is advisable to keep it on the balcony or take it out into the garden. Unpretentious to care for, the cactus does not tolerate waterlogging. In winter, it is recommended to put foam plastic under the plant pot to avoid the risk of hypothermia of the roots.

Caution! Very sharp thorns!

If you want to buy echinocactus Gruzoni in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012. You can also buy a cactus from an online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Echinocactus care.

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