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Tea tree (Melaleuca) - benefits and uses

Tea tree (Melaleuca) - benefits and uses

An exotic representative of the myrtle family, a close relative of the eucalyptus - Melaleuca Orgifolia, which we used to call the tea tree.

The tea tree is native to Australia.

In nature, this beautiful and useful plant grows to about six meters in height.

In indoor conditions, the shrub grows up to 40-50 cm.

The plant adapts well to home conditions, pleases with beautiful flowering and fruiting.

In addition to its decorative beauty and aroma, melaleuca is considered a valuable medicinal plant from which tea oil rich in medicinal properties is obtained.

The benefits of tea tree

The essential oil contains many chemical compounds and biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Medicinal properties:

  • - bactericidal;
  • - antifungal;
  • - antiviral;
  • - fortifying;
  • - preventive.

Melaleuca oil is great for medical treatments


Tart, slightly bitter, exquisite smell of oil stimulates the nervous system, harmonizes mental energy. It is considered a source of intellectual ease, helps to memorize information faster, supports mental activity, promotes concentration.

Tea tree oil has a warming effect and provides excellent glide, does not cause irritation and dryness of the skin.

Treatment of wounds, abrasions, bites

Quickly relieves pain and inflammation in skin lesions. Relieves swelling, eliminates itching, redness after an insect bite.

Inhalation for colds

With a prolonged cough, it is useful to do inhalation with healing oil. To do this, boil water, cool a little, drop one or two drops of essential oil and breathe over the pan for five minutes, covered with a towel.

Close your eyes while inhaling the healing vapors to avoid burning and tearing.

In cosmetology

The essential oil is used to strengthen hair to give a healthy look and get rid of dandruff. This is an excellent remedy for preparing cleansing masks for oily and problem skin. It is also successfully used to treat acne, herpes, and remove warts.

Important: Tea tree essential oil can be dangerous if used improperly. When using the oil externally, the areas around the eyes and mouth should be avoided; it should not be buried in the nose, ears or deep wounds. When taken orally, in case of overdose, tea tree oil can cause weakness, indigestion and other effects.

Use tea tree oil as directed, in the correct concentration, and after consulting your doctor!

Tea tree oil in dentistry

The oil obtained from melaleuca leaves is used in dentistry. It is an excellent antiseptic that helps to normalize the microflora in the oral cavity. Teeth whitening using natural essential oils has recently been practiced in dental clinics.

Let us remind you that the whitening procedure can be carried out only after making sure that you do not have caries and other diseases of the oral system that require immediate specialist intervention.

Everyone who is not indifferent to the health of their own teeth, we recommend visiting the dental MC "Studio 32", here you will be provided with qualified assistance, diagnostics and effective treatment.

Having visited the dental clinic, you will be satisfied with the coziness, comfort and attentiveness of the staff. The use of modern equipment will eliminate discomfort and pain during treatment.

Thanks to the soft and delicate action of the oil, the tooth enamel is not damaged during the procedure. Therefore, this method is considered safer than using abrasive toothpastes or soda.

It should be noted that you will not find a clear and quick whitening result in the first days of use. But if you want to choose a truly harmless home whitening product, then stop your choice on this product.

Additional benefits of the procedure:

  • - gum disease is cured, bleeding disappears within a short time;
  • - eliminates bad breath, oil has a detrimental effect on bacteria and fungi that cause halitosis;
  • - tartar is destroyed, hard deposits that have transformed into stone are gradually removed and the teeth shine with cleanliness.

A significant plus of treatment with this remedy is that one bottle of tea tree oil will be enough for you for a long time, and the result will be amazing. Just before you start restoring your health, consult a specialist to find out if you have any allergic reactions to the drug. The doctor of the dental clinic will conduct a professional examination, advise and recommend the correct treatment.

Care, professionalism, individual approach and friendliness are the main qualities of Studio 32 employees. Having become a patient of the clinic, you can be sure that from now on your smile will shine with flawless beauty.


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