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Wonderful Plant - Tea

Wonderful Plant - Tea

Nature has created many beautiful and useful plants. Her creations are perfect, and it is given to us to enjoy them, use their healing and even gastronomic properties!

Indoor plants are created to delight our eyes, create comfort and harmony in the interior of our home or office, purify the air and simply delight.

The leaves and flowers of many plants have long been used to prepare medicinal tinctures, cosmetics for skin and hair care. The aroma of flowering plants is able to relieve any depression, improve mood, tune in to a creative mood and increase efficiency.

The fruits of indoor plants - such as banana, lemon, tangerine and others - will replenish your daily diet of vitamins and minerals, give you health, good mood and enjoy the taste of juicy fragrant fruits, carefully grown with your own hands.

Fruits are great food and energy for our body. But everyone knows that not only fruits, but also an infusion of the leaves of certain plants can give us health and enjoyment of the taste and aroma of the prepared drink.

Of course, you guessed it. It's about tea. Yes, exactly about the tea that we used to drink every day!

The tea we are so familiar with, both black and green, is harvested from the tea bushes of the Camellia sinensis plant. The taste, aroma, color of the finished drink depends on many factors. This is the process of processing a tea leaf (drying, roasting, withering, rolling), the type of raw material (unblown buds, upper young leaves, mature leaves), harvest time (spring, autumn), growing region and much more. Depending on the processing method and the quality of the initial raw materials, completely different tea goes on sale - from elite Chinese to consumer goods in bags.

What is meant by the phrase "elite tea"? Dear? Completely optional.

The cost of tea also consists of many components. The fabulous price of tea is not always due to its merits. Unfortunately, it so happens that you are sold in beautiful packaging "flavored hay". And the cost of the packaging itself exceeds the real value of the contents.

How to determine the quality of tea?

The main indicator of the quality of tea is several criteria - the type of dry tea, aroma, taste, aftertaste.

For quality green tea they are:

  • When dry, the tea leaf is green or yellowish green (not gray or brown)! The tea leaves are about the same size, shape, and color.
  • The aroma is fresh, herbaceous, fragrant, floral light floral notes are possible (for different varieties)
  • Freshly brewed tea tastes like a breath of air. Light, herbal, fresh, without bitterness and astringency.
  • A sweetish aftertaste indicates the presence of a sufficient amount of L-theanine - this is the main indicator of the high quality of green tea.

The homeland of tea is China. It is in the Celestial Empire that the best tea is grown.

Today, the Tee Art company is a leader in direct supplies of the highest quality tea to Ukraine directly from the plantations of China and Taiwan.

Celestial Treasure Tea has earned its reputation for careful selection by experienced teasters and careful storage. Tea is stored in vacuum packages in a refrigerator, so it retains all its properties for a long time.

In the Tea Salon of the Treasures of the Celestial Empire, you can taste any tea before buying, it is completely free.

For lovers of soft tea, there are many varieties: Bi Lo Chun, Sweet Rosa from Mendin and other green teas. The record holder for the content of caffeine (and hence for the tonic effect) is considered to be Green Sprout.

There are other groups of teas besides green, such as oolong. You can talk about them endlessly, their palette is so diverse and multifaceted.

Tie Guang Yin, Da Hong Pao, delicious Taiwanese oolongs…. The peculiarity of this group is that the tea leaf is tightly rolled, and you can brew such tea many times, enjoying and appreciating the changes and play of taste and aroma with each brewing.

Distinguish between spherical and spiral twisted oolongs. These teas are most vividly revealed when brewed using the Gongfu Cha method. These wonderful teas fill with a sense of happiness, try and see for yourself!

You, of course, have heard a lot about puerh. Pu-Erh is a tea-legend, tea with soul, tea that chooses you. This tea has been compared to luxury cognacs or French cheeses. With aging, over the years, it becomes more and more valuable and noble, more and more aromatic, tastier and healthier!

Puers have the ability to renew and rejuvenate the body. They actively contribute to weight loss and metabolism, and the impact on the emotional state is difficult to describe ... complete harmony with the Universe, peace and serenity are successfully combined with the desire to actively act and create masterpieces!

I would also like to tell you about the exceptional yellow tea, about the special GABA teas that stimulate the work of the brain, about white tea, which gives youth and beauty, about red (black, familiar to us) tea .. But within the framework of one article it is difficult ... and the time has come to drink tea!

Enjoy your tea parties!

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