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How to equip a nursery

How to equip a nursery

With the advent of a child, parents try to surround him with love, affection and attention. I would like to foresee everything, secure, provide the best and necessary for my own sun.

The very first thing to do is to properly equip the children's room.

It is important to take into account such factors: convenience, beautiful view, safety.

Children's furniture should be made of environmentally friendly materials, choose safe plants for the interior that have a beneficial effect on the growing body.

You can save your child from bruises and injuries by purchasing furniture without sharp corners.

A modern children's goods store follows fashion trends and offers original, easy-to-use children's chairs, sun loungers, cots, playpens, desks.

When planning to purchase a model you like, consider the characteristics of your child, his needs and character.

Furniture, first of all, should please the owner of the room and be useful to him. Consider the color scheme, for example, for an active fidget, choose furniture of calm shades: purple, blue, and brighter colors are suitable for a calm child: yellow, orange.

Of course, in the children's room it is important to devote space to the green zone.

The corner of living plants helps to purify the air, brings aesthetic beauty and teaches from a young age to love and protect the surrounding nature.

But not all plants are harmless to the child's body. Since kids not only visually study the beauty of the world around them, but do not miss the opportunity to taste it, it is necessary to choose the right flowers for the children's room.

Useful plants:

- chlorophytum, it is rightfully considered the best natural filter, copes well with air pollution;

- citrus fruits, have antimicrobial properties, moreover, they help relieve irritation, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system;

- aloe, has phytoncidal properties;

- fat woman - promotes a calm, peaceful atmosphere in the house;

- myrtle - due to its antiseptic properties, it helps to quickly cope with influenza and diseases of the respiratory system;

- conifers - neutralize the negative effects of computers and electrical appliances.

Plants that are not suitable for a nursery:

- Dieffenbachia, Adenium, Croton, Euphorbia - these flowers contain poisonous juice;

- nightshade, aglaonema - the fruits of these plants contain poison;

- cacti - they are not poisonous, but babies can get hurt by their needles;

- lily, orchid, jasmine, gardenia - these flowers have a rich aroma.

Do not forget to observe the measure in everything, do not clutter up the space of a small room, three or four small plants or one large one is enough.

Keep the plants clean and dust off the leaves with a damp towel. Water regularly, gradually involve the child in caring for flowers, this will not only help to quickly learn a lot of useful things about the amazing world of nature, but also contribute to relaxation, restoration of the emotional state.

To make the baby interesting, buy a colorful flowerpot with a cheerful pattern. Let the baby watch the planting of the flower, or even better take part in this magical process, then it will be even more interesting for him to follow the growth of the green friend.

A young researcher should be comfortable in his space, safe and at the same time interesting to spend time there. To do this, allocate a place for games in the room, where there will be a playpen, later it will be replaced by a swing or a Swedish wall.

Interior items should not cause boredom, children are inquisitive by nature, they tend to quickly switch attention. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase decorated items for the nursery. You can show imagination and turn the most ordinary furniture into something special and mesmerizing, for example, painted with multi-colored ornaments.

Curtains, blankets, carpets, bed linen should also correspond to the character of the owner, let them be decorated with your favorite cartoon characters, fairy-tale drawings. This develops daydreaming, mental activity, the ability to concentrate attention.

For the first developmental lessons, be sure to install a convenient set of children's furniture, where the child will have a pleasant time learning to draw, build a constructor or put a puzzle.

Install the bed away from the window and heating radiators, as it can see through from the windows, and the heating devices dry the air. The mattress must be elastic, strictly correspond to the size of the crib, made of hypoallergenic material.

It is advisable to arrange the children's space in such a way that your mischievous person has enough territory for the play area. To do this, choose pull-out beds, chairs and playpens that fold easily and do not take up much space.

Having created a harmonious and thoughtful interior, you will be able to watch the development of the crumb without anxiety, with pleasure. In a properly equipped room, the kid will delightfully spend time, playing with enthusiasm and discovering new facets of the world around him.

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