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Vermiculite, baking powder, 0.5l

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Vermiculite, 0.5L

Vermiculite is an environmentally friendly mineral, which is used in indoor floriculture to loosen an earthen coma, prevent the formation of a crust on the soil surface, for germinating seeds, and rooting seedlings.

It can have a granular, free-flowing or porous structure. Vermiculite has heat-insulating properties, thanks to its addition to soil mixtures, the root system is protected from sudden changes in temperature. At the same time, the soil always remains loose, air-permeable, normal moisture is maintained in it.

Suitable for storing bulbs in winter, helps to maintain gas exchange and normal temperature around them. It must be remembered that this mineral gives moisture to flowers for a long time, therefore, if there is a lot of it in the soil mixture, then the plants need to be watered much less often so as not to flood them.

Vermiculite contains useful microelements: calcium, aluminum, magnesium, silicon, potassium, iron.

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