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Kornevin, root formation stimulant, 5g

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Kornevin, 5g

Kornevin is a plant growth regulator, consists of indolylbutyric acid (analogue of heteroauxin). It is used both in dry form for dusting the roots and ends of cuttings, and in the form of an aqueous solution for soaking bulbs and watering seedlings.

To prepare the solution, the contents of the package (5 grams of acid) are diluted in five liters of water. The planted seedlings and seedlings are watered at the root.

Approximate consumption per plant: seedlings of flower and vegetable crops - 30-50 ml, seedlings of ornamental and flower shrubs - 250-300 ml, seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees - 1.5-3 liters. The bulbs and tubers of flowers are soaked in the solution for 16-20 hours before planting.

Kornevin is a popular root formation stimulator, used for:

  • - rooting cuttings of indoor and outdoor plants (berry, citrus, ornamental, coniferous crops);
  • - improving the survival rate of seedlings, seedlings of flower and vegetable crops during transplantation;
  • - awakening bulbs and tubers of garden flowers: daffodils, begonias, gladioli, tulips, hyacinths and others.

Shelf life - 3 years in a sealed package.

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