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Expanded clay (drainage for plants), 1 l

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Expanded clay (drainage), 1 L

Expanded clay is fired clay with a porous structure. There are different fractions, but for the purposes of floriculture, both small expanded clay, 5-10 mm in diameter, and large, 10-20 mm in diameter are used. The diameter of the expanded clay drainage must be selected depending on the size of the drainage holes, too small will spill out of the pot.

As a drainage, expanded clay is placed on the bottom of the pot, in a layer of 1-3 cm for small flowerpots and 3-10 for medium and large flowerpots. Approximately 1/5 of the container height. Sprinkle on top with soil, then put the plant, straighten the roots and, then, completely cover it with earth. After 5-6 years, expanded clay is destroyed and turns into a soil mixture, so it needs to be changed periodically.

The advantages of expanded clay drainage are that it is lightweight (does not make ceramic pots heavier), picks up excess moisture, retains it and gives it back to the roots as needed.

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