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Cherry Podbelsky

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Cherry Podbelsky


Synonyms: Cherry Podbelskaya, Podbelsky's griot.

A vigorous variety of medium ripening The Podbelskaya cherry variety was bred in Germany by crossing the Griot Ostheimsky and Lotovaya cherry varieties. Griots (moreli) are cherry varieties with dark red, almost black fruits and colored juice.

Productivity: average, 15-20 kg per adult tree.

Tree shape. An adult cherry has a rounded crown, a vigorous variety, grows up to 5-6 meters. The crown is dense, strongly leafy.

Fruit. Begins to bear fruit in the 3-4th year after planting. Fruits are medium, weighing 5-6 g, with a dense thin skin, dark red in color. The pulp is colored, tender, juicy. Ripening period: early July. Taste: Sweet and sour, very pleasant, harmonious, with a cherry aroma.

The variety is self-fertile and needs pollinators. The best pollinators: cherry varieties May Duke, Lotovaya, English early and cherry varieties.

Location and landing. The Podbelsky cherry variety grows best in loose, sandy loam or loamy soils. In order for the tree to grow well and bear fruit, you should choose a bright, not ventilated place for planting. During planting, the root collar should be above the soil level. A circle is made around the trunk for watering. After planting - active watering for 3-5 days. Then it is recommended to mulch the periosteal circle. For cherries, an area with a windy and damp climate and swampy soil are not acceptable. Winter hardiness: below average. The variety is suitable for areas with little frost. Disease resistance: medium. Features of the Podbelskaya variety: it is distinguished by excellent taste of the fruit. The variety, like other elite varieties, is self-fertile. Sensitive to winter frosts and spring frosts.

If you want to buy Podbelsky cherries in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012, (063) 127-1010, (050) 415-0033. You can also buy cherry seedlings Podbelsky variety through the Internet store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

Care information: Cherry growing and care.

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