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Canadian hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)

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Canadian hemlock

Tsuga canadensis

Canadian hemlock (Latin Tsuga canadensis) is an evergreen coniferous tree of the Pine family. Under natural conditions, it grows in areas with a humid cool climate: in the eastern part of North America, Canada. Forms forest plantations, often with it you can find Weymouth Pine, Canadian Spruce, Maple.

Feature of the tree: Shade tolerance is the main feature of this representative of conifers. It lends itself well to cutting and shaping. The hemlock is moisture-loving, the seedlings need regular watering in the summer. For the winter, it is recommended to shelter with spruce branches, the hemlock is relatively frost-resistant (5th zone up to -28.9 ° C).

Maximum height of an adult hemlock: 30-40 meters. Life expectancy up to 500 years. Maximum crown diameter: 12-15 meters.

Crown shape: - broadly conical with horizontally located, slightly hanging branches. Needles: flat, small, short, 1.5 cm long. Color - dark green. Cones are small (2-2.5 cm), oval, grayish-brown.

Growth rate: 20-40 cm per year.

Location: Does not need open space, shade tolerant. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil, moist soil, grows well near ponds.

Applied: in single and group plantings as a hedge, well-tolerated haircut. unpretentious, resistant to urban conditions.

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