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Thuja western Smaragd Variegata

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Thuja western Smaragd variegata

Thuja occidentalis Smaragd variegata

Maximum height of an adult thuja: 3.5-4 m. At the age of ten it reaches a height of 3-3.5 m, width - 0.7-0, 9 m. Maximum crown diameter: 1.2-1.5 m. Crown shape: conical, dense. The branches are tender. Needles: scaly, green in color at any time of the year. The ends of the branches are painted with whitish spots. Growth rate: average, an increase of 15-20 cm per year.

Location: It develops well in light partial shade and in the sun. Prefers well-drained fertile loams.

Applied: as a single tree and in group plantings. For the creation of hedges, container gardens, alleys, mixed plantings. Features of the variety: The most popular variety of thuja. Tolerates a haircut well. Has a high frost resistance.

If you want to buy Tuya western SmaragdVariygata in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012, (063) 127-1010, (050) 415-0033. You can also buy Thuja occidentalis Smaragdvariegata seedlings through the online store. Delivery in Kiev and across Ukraine.

More information: Thuja western - Caring from spring to autumn.

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