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Spruce prickly Glauka (Picea pungens Glauca)

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Colorado spruce Glauka

Picea pungens Glauca

Other names: blue spruce, silver spruce.

Naturally grows in the Rocky Mountains of North America. An evergreen tree with silvery-bluish needles, the age of which can reach more than 200-300 years, and the height is 25-30 meters, the crown diameter is 7-9 meters.

Young trees grow slowly, but with age, the growth rate increases to 30-50 cm per year. A 30-year-old spruce reaches a height of 7-10 m, and the crown diameter is 6-9 m. The crown is pyramidal, the branches form beautiful symmetrical tiers.

The needles are up to 3 cm long, the color is blue or gray, due to the waxy coating that protects them from frost. The lifespan of the needles is 3-4 years, then they fall off and new ones grow in their place.

Young cones are reddish, adults are brown up to 10 cm long and 2-4 cm in diameter. Blue spruce is photophilous, frost-resistant, well formed by cutting. Sufficiently drought-resistant. Prefers moderate watering and nutritious, podzolic soils. It grows worse on rocky, sandy, heavy and poorly permeable soils. It does not tolerate near groundwater, the minimum level of their occurrence is 5 m.

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