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European larch (Larix decídua)

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European larch

Larix decídua

European larch (lat. Lurix decídua) or falling larch is a coniferous tree from the Pine family. Natural area - forests of Central and Western Europe, in the mountains of the Alps and the Carpathians.

Feature of the tree: Larch, being a coniferous plant, drops its needles for the winter, like a deciduous tree. Does not tolerate shading, so you need to plant in an open area. It tolerates pruning at a young age. Wind resistant, as it has a deep root system.

Maximum height of an adult larch: 30-40 meters. Life expectancy up to 500 years. Maximum crown diameter: 12-15 meters. The shape of the crown is narrow-conical, the branches are folded up, lie in layers. Cones are conical, oblong-ovate. Needles: collected in bundles of 30-40 needles, 10-30 mm long. The color is bright green in spring and summer, yellow-golden in autumn. In winter, the needles crumble. Growth rate: adult larch - 25-40 cm per year.

Location: In an open space, not adjacent to other trees. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil, poorly develops on poor soils. Does not tolerate waterlogging. Drought-resistant.

Applied: in single and group plantings as a hedge, well-tolerated haircut. unpretentious, resistant to urban conditions.

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