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Orchid Dendrobium Orange

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Orchid Dendrobium nobile Orange

Height: 50-55 cm

Number of peduncles: one, two or three.

Colors: yellow, orange.

Dendrobium (lat. Dendrobium) - quite unpretentious orchid and caring for it will not be difficult. Loves a lot of light and high humidity.

Temperature feature: night temperature should be 5-7 degrees lower than daytime. The second feature of this orchid is that for winter flowering it needs a dormant period from early November to late December.

During the growing season, which is in spring and summer, orchids are watered once every 3-4 days, in autumn - once a week. In winter, if the dendrobium is at rest, watering is very careful - once a month.

If you want to buy the Dendrobium orange orchid in Kiev: - call us on tel. (067) 216-2012, (050) 415-0033, (063) 127-1010. You can also buy yellow dendrobium through the online store. Delivery in Kiev on the day of order or the next day. Delivery across Ukraine within a week. Cash and non-cash payments.

More Information: Dendrobium Orchid Care.

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