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Pshat, L27/52

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Pshat, L27

Latin name - Elaeagnus

Age - 15 years. Bowl length (L) - 27 cm. Bonsai height - 52 cm. Accommodation - indoor.

Bonsai is a solid gift for your business partner or manager!

Bonsai is not only beauty, but also a great investment, because over time, its value increases!

Indoor bonsai prefer a lit location. These plants must be protected from low temperatures and take care of timely watering. Do not allow the plant to dry out. The more sun a bonsai receives and the more leaves it has, the more frequently and abundantly watering should be.

If you wish to purchase bonsai Pshat (Elaeagnus): - call us at: (044) 337-1800, (050) 415-0033, (067) 216-2012, (063) 127-1010. You can also purchase bonsai through the online store. Delivery across Kiev and Ukraine. Pickup is possible from a trade showroom in Kiev.

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